Renting a Car with Mazirental
is very easy

We provide you the best and easiest way to book your favourite car.
Within a Minute or two you can book your car.

Download the Whatsapp and start riding

This is the one time process of downloading the whatsapp.If you already have one that's good otherwise you can download it from

After downloading register your whatsapp with your phone number and follow the below steps.



Visit the Website



Choose your car



Book your Car



Finishing Process

Visit the website using your browser on mobile or desktop.Browse through the vehicles section in website.

After entering into vehicle section choose your favourite car in vehicle section.Click on the car to choose your package for daily,weekly & monthly.

After choosing your package you can now scroll down to book now button. Now you can click on book now.If you are usin your mobile whatsapp will open automatically and if you are using desktop web whatsapp will open and you have to link your mobile whatsapp.

Now a message will be delivered to the company with your choosen subscription.Our team will reach you as soon as possible for nessacary information or documentation